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‘Requirement for bus window tinting now in effect in Abu Dhabi’

by Dubaiforum

Abu Dhabi Implements New Regulation Requiring Window Tinting on Buses

Abu Dhabi has recently implemented a new regulation that mandates window tinting for buses of all sizes licensed within the emirate. This rule applies to both private and public buses operating in the region.

According to the regulation, a maximum of 30 per cent window tinting is allowed, with the exception of the windscreen to ensure optimal visibility for drivers. The decision was officially approved by the Department of Municipalities and Transport, represented by Abu Dhabi Mobility, in collaboration with relevant authorities.

Abu Dhabi Mobility highlighted the importance of window tinting in enhancing passenger comfort by protecting them from harmful UV rays, reducing in-vehicle temperatures, and improving the overall travel experience. The goal is to ensure safe and comfortable journeys for passengers, especially in the hot weather conditions of Abu Dhabi.

This new regulation aims to prioritize passenger safety and well-being while also addressing the challenges posed by the region’s climate. It is part of ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of public transportation services in Abu Dhabi.

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