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Sharjah Publishers Conference praised for advancing global book industry

by Dubaiforum

SHARJAH, 30th October, 2023 (WAM) – Publishers participating in the 13th edition of the Sharjah Publishers Conference have praised the event for its instrumental role in advancing the global book industry. Highlighting the significant opportunities and knowledge exchange the platform provides for overcoming challenges related to printing, translation, and the sale and purchase of publishing rights, they also commended its effectiveness in strengthening connections with publishers, authors, and creators worldwide.

First-time attendees highlighted Sharjah’s status as a global hub for the book industry and its role in bridging the gap between publishing markets around the world.

Dr. Khaled Al Bilbeisi, General Manager of Dar Al Manhal Publishers from Jordan, described the Sharjah Publishers Conference as a strategic platform for developing and advancing the publishing industry, motivating Arab publishers to advance the book industry while facilitating networking with prominent publishers at both regional and international levels.

Emphasising the significance of the event’s diverse agenda, he said, “It’s evident that the agenda has been thoughtfully curated to address the most critical challenges facing the publishing industry, both regionally and globally. When we consider the publishing industry as a whole, it faces certain obstacles that should not impede its progress. Rather, it is essential to keep pace with developments and innovation to ensure publications are contemporary and relevant to the market.”

Ugandan publisher Jorty Kaimendo expressed her delight at participating in the Publishers Conference for the first time, describing it as a valuable opportunity for networking with publishers and book enthusiasts worldwide. Noting the significant communication challenges facing the publishing industry in Africa with various publishers, she commended Sharjah for bringing them together under one roof to share aspirations and explore opportunities related to translation, purchasing and selling publishing rights, intellectual property, and more.

Hala Omar, Owner and CEO of Dar Hala for Publishing and Distribution in Egypt, commended the significant development in the publishing sector in the region over the past years. As a regular attendee of the conference and the Sharjah International Book Fair since 1992, she sees it as an invaluable platform for networking with publishers from all over the world. Stating that the conference provides various programmes and meetings that bring qualitative benefits to publishers, while enabling a transition from dated methodologies to modern practices, she emphasized the significance of the newly introduced “Roundtable Sessions” in bringing together publishers from different continents to address challenges, exchange solutions, and gain access to first-hand knowledge.

Brooke O’Donnell, Deputy Head of the Independent Publisher Group, stated that the Sharjah Publishers Conference is by far one of her favourite events as a publishing specialist. Having attended it twice, she has experienced the substantial benefits it offers, praising the diverse and comprehensive topics discussed at the event in the main sessions, as well as the group discussions with various participating publishers.

Korean Jong-Hwa Park, a first-time participant at the Sharjah Publishers Conference, emphasised its importance in connecting with peers in the book industry and highlighted the vast potential for forming partnerships with publishers and translators from all over the world. Encouraging everyone to participate in future editions of the conference, he noted that his participation, which coincides with South Korea’s presence as the Guest of Honour of the 42nd edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair 2023, would serve as a prelude to future developments.


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