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UAE to Host the Arab Media Forum, the Biggest Event in Media Industry

by Dubaiforum

An Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign promoting the Arab Media Forum, the largest media gathering in the Region, was recently launched in the United Arab Emirates in May 2024. The strategic placement of the billboard on a high-traffic bridge ensures maximum exposure to drivers and passengers. The use of Arabic language effectively communicates with the target audience, while the high-contrast color scheme of white text on a black background grabs attention. The message on the billboard is clear and concise, highlighting the event’s name, tagline, and dates (May 27-29, 2024).

The OOH campaign aims to raise awareness about the Arab Media Forum event among UAE residents who travel by car. However, incorporating a call to action could further enhance its effectiveness. This campaign follows the brand’s previous OOH activity in the UAE during September 2023.

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