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Urban Farming in Lacan Chita on May 23, 2024

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Restoring the Scottish Highlands – 25 years of valley rebuilding experience

Rebuilding healthy ecological systems in remote places can make cities and the entire world more resilient. In a mecca for rewilders, a community-led project is working on restoring Scotland’s southern uplands.

A billion investment has been approved for a massive agrivoltaics project in Ohio, covering 6,000 acres. The design of solar energy racks specifically for agrivoltaic energy production has gained attention for its innovative approach.

The American Solar Grazing Association promotes agrivoltaics, which combines agriculture and solar energy production for a more sustainable future. Meanwhile, the energy costs of controlled environment agriculture are being scrutinized for their impact on the environment.

Orbital Farms is leading the way in circular project development, aiming to establish 200 large-scale closed-loop farms worldwide over the next decade. The House of Green showcases buildings that bring nature inside, creating a more natural and sustainable living environment.

The world’s first zero waste restaurant has set a new standard in reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Sustainable and resilient food systems are being discussed in Julia Freedgood’s book, “Planning Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems: From Ground to Soil.”

Efforts are being made to make urban agriculture more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In Dubai, mangroves are being utilized for coastal renewal, marking one of the largest projects of its kind in the world.

From micro farms in LA to organizations helping homeowners transition to sustainable farming practices, there is a growing movement towards more environmentally conscious and resilient food systems.

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