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AI-based Tool Introduced to Automate TB Screening

by Dubaiforum

M42, a leading tech-enabled health company based in Abu Dhabi, has recently launched AIRIS-TB, an innovative AI-powered tool designed for automating TB screening. This groundbreaking technology, introduced during Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week, utilizes advanced AI algorithms to detect abnormalities in chest X-rays and promptly identify any concerning results for further review by a radiologist.

The development of AIRIS-TB, spearheaded by M42 and supported by M42’s Abu Dhabi Health Data Services, underwent extensive testing involving over one million scans at Capital Health Screening Centre (CHSC), the flagship visa screening facility of M42. The pilot study demonstrated that this tool could reduce radiologist workload by up to 80% while maintaining a high level of accuracy, not missing any TB cases.

One of the key benefits of AIRIS-TB is its ability to streamline operations at screening centers, enhancing the efficiency of visa screening processes beyond TB detection. By automating the TB screening process, radiologists can allocate more time to identifying other health conditions and referring patients for necessary follow-up care, ultimately improving health outcomes for UAE residents.

Ashish Koshy, the Group Chief Operating Officer of M42, emphasized the transformative impact of AIRIS-TB on healthcare delivery and patient experience. He highlighted the company’s dedication to leveraging advanced AI technology to revolutionize the healthcare system, setting new standards for TB screening globally.

Looking ahead, M42 plans to integrate AIRIS-TB into Malaffi, Abu Dhabi’s Health Information Exchange, allowing other screening providers to access and utilize this innovative tool for their operations. This collaborative approach aims to enhance the diagnostic precision and efficiency of healthcare professionals, ultimately improving patient care across healthcare facilities and screening centers in Abu Dhabi.

With its proven effectiveness and clinical impact, AIRIS-TB is poised to redefine the standards and processes of TB screening worldwide. Ali Alsaffar, CEO of Capital Health Screening Centre, praised the potential of AI technology to streamline screening processes, reduce wait times, and improve the overall efficiency of healthcare services for visa applicants.

As M42 continues to enhance the capabilities of AIRIS-TB and explore its applications in other diagnostic areas, the company remains committed to driving innovation and transforming healthcare delivery through advanced AI solutions.

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