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Low-SWaP, Ruggedized IR Optics at IDEX 2023

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Low-SWaP, Ruggedized IR Optics at IDEX 2023

Discover Ophir Optronics’ innovative combat-ready IR optics for C-UAS and unmanned systems at the International Defense Exhibition IDEX EXPO 23, in Abu Dhabi, February 20th – 24th.

Ophir will be on Stand 02-A20 exhibiting custom OEM optical components, 1-FOV IR lenses and complex award-winning continuous zoom lenses, for C-UAS and airborne, security and surveillance observation systems.

During the event Ophir will also be conducting a live infrared thermal imaging demo on a 4-meter high video screen, showcasing the high performance imaging capabilities of Ophir’s cooled MWIR continuous zoom lens.

MKS Ophir is a proud partner and optics supplier for innovative, emerging defense and security companies worldwide, delivering unique designs for air-land and naval defense applications.

Ophir products featured at IDEX Expo include:

  • NEW extended range optics for security, surveillance and C-UAS SupIR 60-1200mm f/4 and SupIR 80-1200mm f/5.5 compatible with 10µm SXGA/ HD and 15µm VGA detectors, maintains accurate LOS & focus through the full zoom range, designed for long-range observation & C-UAS systems, detection range exceeds 28km.
  • New series of cooled MWIR f/4 and MWIR f/5.5 lenses – MTF close to the diffraction limit, ruggedized design, for extreme temperature range, with outstanding detection, recognition, and Identification (DRI) ranges compatible with SXGA/HD 10μm pitch and VGA 15μm detectors, designed for security and surveillance ground applications, including long range surveillance systems, border control and C-UAS systems.
  • New series of low-SWaP continuous zoom lenses – lightweight, compact, high performance IR thermal imaging lenses for cooled and uncooled cameras, suitable for UAVs/UAS and HHTI systems.
  • IR High precision optical components & large mirrors for multiple defense electro-optical systems including multi-spectral – addressing build-to-print requirements.

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