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Smart Homes in KSA and UAE: Over Six Million Devices Connected to Alexa, Showing Significant Increase from Last Year

by Dubaiforum

Customers in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are increasingly turning to smart AI assistants like Alexa to manage their homes, leading to a significant increase in engagement with smart home devices. A total of six million smart devices have been integrated into the everyday lives of Alexa customers in these countries, showcasing the benefits of having a connected smart home.

One of the most popular uses of Alexa among customers is for controlling lighting, air conditioners, TVs, and cameras. In 2023, Alexa users initiated nearly 130 million smart home actions and over 100 million music, Quran, and podcast requests, amounting to more than 70 million hours of listening.

Smart devices have greatly enhanced the lifestyles of customers in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Throughout 2023, Alexa was used to turn lights on and off over 24 million times and control air conditioners nearly 9 million times solely through voice commands. The adoption of voice-enabled home automation has seen a significant growth, with a 50% year-on-year increase in Smart Home customers in 2023 compared to 2022.

Dr. Raf Fatani, Regional General Manager of Alexa, Amazon MENA, expressed excitement about the rapid adoption of cutting-edge technologies in these regions. Amazon has invested in local talent and resources to tailor products for the specific needs of Middle Eastern customers. The seamless integration of Alexa with a wide range of smart home devices has made automation and simplification of daily tasks a reality.

In response to customer needs, Amazon has introduced a multi-view option for customers in the UAE and KSA, allowing them to view live feeds from up to four cameras on multimodal devices. This feature enhances the overall home security and monitoring experience for customers.

Mohammad Meraj Hoda, VP of business development at Ring, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing customers with peace of mind through intuitive home solutions. The most common smart home devices used with Alexa in the UAE and KSA include a variety of lighting, TV, camera, and climate control brands such as Smart Life, Samsung, Ring, and Broadlink IR Remote.

Overall, the growing adoption of smart home devices and AI technology in Saudi Arabia and the UAE reflects a shift towards a more connected and automated way of living, enhancing the overall quality of life for customers in the region.

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